Joe Ellis'
English Tea Room Guide
Joe Ellis Mini Interview
Libby Ellison conducts a mini Joe Ellis interview
Joe Ellis' English Tea Room Guide
Photograph shows Joe Ellis ~ Enjoying a cuppa...!
Q. Hey Joe. Back in the scene. Where have you been?

A. Well, its great to be back Libby. But I was never really away. I have still been visiting English tea rooms and posted some reviews on the Facebook page which now has nearly 5,000 likes as well as regular postings on my Twitter page. I have also been on BBC radio and television across the UK talking about English tea rooms, so I have still been hands-on. The website was problematic. Google put a press release out in 2015 saying all websites need to be fully responsive and Google friendly, if they are not, then they won't index sites that do not comply, and as you know, I do not like complying, so I have been testing endless software, and now I found the ideal one, so the website will be updated regularly and I am now back on the road again in full swing.

Q. So just busy then, which kept your tea room commitments lower than normal?

A. Well, charity work and the Isn't It Nice...Being Nice? campaign has been hectic, but I am now adjusting myself so I can pace myself and enjoy life much more. I was also being taken advantage of by certain people and organisations, so I have given them the side elbow. Soul searching has made me rethink life, so I am very happy nowadays as a result.

Q. What about the Time for Tea magazine and the videoing of tea rooms?

A. Back on both. I'll be relaunching the Time for Tea magazine early 2017 and will be on the road with the video camera equipment. Not talk. This is going to be very real.

Q. Anything else to share Joe?

A. Loads, but not now. Lots to do and I am visiting English tea rooms during the summer, the English Tea Room Tour, so I will be posting reviews on the move.

Q. Thanks Joe and we 'll do a full length interview in the very near future.
A. For sure Libby.

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