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Grantchester, English Tea Room
☕☕☕ Recommended
The Orchard Tea Garden
47 Mill Way, Grantchester, Cambridge, CB3 9ND
Telephone: 01223 840230

Grantchester is a village on the River Cam or Granta in South Cambridgeshire. It lies close to Cambridge.

The drive through the delightful Cambridgeshire countryside to The Orchard Tea Garden was very pleasant. I arrived at the tea room at 3.15pm.

As you walk through the main door of this tea room, you face a very large counter area, sadly self service. So then go through a back small corridor to a small tea room and then through an elevated tea room which was huge; tea garden would be lovely on a warm day.

The tea room was of a green theme, green concrete floor, white and green table cloths upon wooden tables with green wall beams and a cream walls and ceiling.

The views were lovely overlooking the gardens. I could not fully enjoy this as the weather was bad, rainy and dull but this must be one of the most beautiful places to visit in the summer months.

Main menu is: morning coffee, light lunches and afternoon tea. I had a scone which was nearly the size of the tea cup and a pot of tea of course, and I really enjoyed it.

The large area of the tea room reminded me of an army barrack room, which appears to be a converted stable block, not dissimilar to my office. It was nice, with little wall pictures but could possibly benefit of some low background music. The back of the tea room was empty, quiet and peaceful, which I loved but I also love people and if I moved to the small part, would be crowded with people and babies!

There was something about this tea room that I just could not put my finger on. Strange but odd feeling, not sure entirely; I may do some more research on the place, since it has been in existence since 1897. If I find something out, I'll share it with you.

I can recommend The Orchard Tea Garden, but the self service does let it down, considering there were lots of staff on-site.

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