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Tudor Tea Rooms, Whitstable
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Tudor Tea Rooms
29 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AH
Telephone: 01227 273167
Updated/Revised Review:

I have visited the Tudor Tea Rooms for some years now and the is my second review.

The Tudor Tea Rooms are located in the heart of Whitstable and are a 17th Century tea room.

Visiting the Tudor Tea Rooms this time of the year is extremely pleasant and comfortable as you are welcomed by two open log fires blaring away in the background providing loads of heat and atmosphere. With the lovely black beams, old wooden floors, some exposed bricks and old plastered walls it is nice and warm. Also, old ceiling lighting and old lighting on wooden beam posts add a touch of traditional England.

Tablecloths get my thumbs up. Tablecloths add to the old 17th Century tea room, as if you are drinking tea around granny's house.

I was served by a young and very pleasant waitress and we briefly discussed how long she had worked there; she was happy and smiling and a people's person for sure, well suited to an English tea room.

On my visit, I enjoyed a jacket potato with prawns and coleslaw. Both were 'to die for'; very tasty and highly enjoyable, with a pot of tea followed by a giant toasted teacake, butter and jam. See photographs below.


I can recommend the Tudor Tea Rooms in Whitstable. Again, free parking is troublesome, although cheap Council parking is offered from three car parks only minutes away, unless you park a quarter of a mile away and walk down, as I frequently do. The saving of paying car parking fees pays for the toasted tea cake with jam that follows the lunch..!

My wife reminds me it used to be a favourite tea room of the late actor Peter Cushing, who lived in Whitstable. He visited regularly, preferring to sit at the same table each visit. Peter was also well known to my wife, as he visited her grandparents' house, the one we live in and own now, most Sundays for a cuppa and chat, as her grandfather worked for him. Mr Cushing cycled from Whitstable to Bullockstone (just outside Herne Bay) and was very fit as a result.

About Whitstable:
Whitstable is a seaside town on the north coast of Kent in south-east, north of Canterbury and 2 miles west of Herne Bay. It has a population of about 32,000.

Whitstable is famous for oysters, which have been collected in the area since Roman times and are celebrated at the annual Whitstable Oyster Festival.

In 1830, one of the earliest passenger railway services was opened by the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway Company; in 1832, the company opened Whitstable harbour and extended the line to enable passage to London from the port. The railway has since closed but the harbour still plays an important role in the town's economy.

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