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Yalding, English Tea Room
Teapot Island Tea Room
Hampstead Lane, Yalding, Maidstone, Kent. ME18 6HG
Telephone: 01622 814541

Yalding is a small village between East Peckham and West Farleigh about 5 miles from Maidstone.

Gaeling or Haelling was a Saxon boundary fort settled in the late 400s AD and was probably built to control the crossing of the medway.

The name is recorded in the Domesday book as the Saxon manor of Hallinges owned by Aldret, and that it was given to Richard de Tonbridge by William the Conqueror . The name had changed to Yaldinge by the time of the civil war (1642 - 1648).

An original Saxon village known as Twyford 'twin ford' was found on the the point where the Medway and Teise joined. It is believed that flooding moved the village uphill to its present location. It is probable that the bridge at Twyford was constructed before Town Bridge, as this was the main crossing point of the rivers, and would have been impassable when heavy rain had fallen.

Town bridge, the main crossing point within the current village over the river Beult is a stone bridge about 450 ft long and was constructed in the 1400's probably on the site of an old wooden structure. This bridge is the longest surviving medieval bridge in Kent, and is very attractive .

The village does not appear to have been badly hit by the early occurrences of the Black Death but in 1510 the pestilence claimed half the village.

I visited the Teapot Island because it advertised that they had a tea room onsite. With teapots being the theme here, I was a little excited. I did expect a traditional English tea room, but sadly this was not the case.

Teapot Island does come with a mix of views from different people; the majority of them love visiting.

I did dine on my visit to the tea room. I had sausages, mash, peas and onion gravy and a pot of tea (see photo below). Rarely eat red meat nowadays, but this was very nice treat for me and I enjoyed the meal.

I felt that the tea room was more of a self-service café. Queuing up at the counter to order was a tight fit between the counter and railings, very tight and not too pleasant.

The staff were pleasant and polite. If you want quick café type food, fry-ups etc, you won't be disappointed, but this is not an English tea room as I would recognise one.

Tons of parking, albeit paid, but I rate this tea room as 'Not My Cup of Tea'.

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